Mint Motorola PR400 UHF LTR 32ch Radio w/New Accessories

$ 229.00


Channels: Up to 10 sites and 100 talkgroups, up to 32 conventional channels

Freq. Range: 438-470 MHz

Power: 4 Watts

Cosmetics (1-5): 5

Functionality: 100% Guaranteed!

Includes: MINT radio, NEW battery, NEW Motorola tri-chemistry rapid charger, NEW antenna, NEW belt clip, free basic programming (up to 16 conventional channels)


   This BEAUTIFUL refurbished trunking and signaling (MDC1200 and QCII) radio has been professionally recased and looks -- and works -- like NEW! And, it comes with all NEW ACCESSORIES! It's been fully tested and is warranted to perform at 100% in every regard. If it fails to do so, notify us within 14 days, and we'll authorize you to return it for a full refund.

    For free basic programming, e-mail your instructions when you pay for your radio. Otherwise, it will ship immediately with test frequencies. IMPORTANT: this information is crucial to the proper performance of your radio, so make certain it's accurate and complete. If you send the radio back to us for re-programming, you'll be charged $25-40, plus insured return shipping.

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